huggable, lovable, and soft

Jersey seems to be overlooked in the land of dolls, but it’s very soft and washable and that’s perfect for little ones who love to hug and drag their stuffed friends everywhere with them.  When a certain toddler fell in love with Patchy Patch from Toopy and Binoo, a few old t-shirts found their way into the sewing basket and fashioned themselves into her very own Patchy Patch.  This guy (?) was fashioned mainly from t-shirts, with a tail made of braided child-safe hemp twine and a bit of yellow sweatshirt for the end.  His plaid patches came from an old burp cloth we have grown out of using.


This particular upcycled creation received the honest honour a toddler can bestow ~ she insisted on having it with her to cuddle with when she went to bed.

Patchy Patch is a licensed character, so I can’t share the pattern I made for him, but if you can sew a round head and an oval body with a little bit of creativity you’ll be well on your way.

Linking with the We Made That Wednesday party.

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