It’s not every day you can honestly say you spent an afternoon making a jet-pack.  This is the best kind of jet-pack as well, because it has zero emissions and it runs on imagination so you very rarely have to worry about running out of fuel.

This particular jet-pack was created for a young friend’s birthday present, based on this tutorial I found.   The fuel cylinders were made from plastic apple juice containers, painted a steampunk copper.  Plastic generally needs to be primed before spray paint will adhere to the surface, so be sure that you have some on hand.  The straps were cut out from an old backpack that had a broken zipper and a few holes, and will allow my small pal to adjust his jet-pack so it’s comfortable.  The juice containers were fairly sturdy, so I was able to drill a hole into the plastic and screw the straps into place, which should also add to the life of the toy.   The flames were cut from felt scraps and both glued and stitched into place (with the help of a craft drill).  The back plate is made from two pieces of cardboard with a bit of painter’s tape along the edges.


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