a not-so-sweater coat

I have long admired sweater coats by Katwise.  Her sweater coat tutorial (available on etsy) has gotten much wear and tear since I bought it over a year ago, but I haven’t yet created a coat with it.  So when we were hit with 3 intense blizzards last March, I decided to spend my snowed-in hours doing just that.  But that’s the thing with blizzards; you can’t just run to the local thrift shops and stock up on materials.  So instead, I busted into my ever-growing stash of denim (thanks to everyone who keep donating their old jeans).

The resulting coats caused many blisters, a few tears, and yes, even a few curse words as the filter on my front-loading washer clogged with tiny bits of blue jeans and flooded the laundry room.  It then proceeded to attempt arson from the lint trap in the dryer, but I was on it.  In the end, it must be admitted that this particular coat is dangerous.  But I absolutely love it.


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