the olde soap box

017 My handmade soaps were recently requested by a local shop, so I suddenly found myself in need of a display that might catch an eye or two.  Some reclaimed wood and odd pieces of twice-loved denim conspired together to come up with something reminiscent of an old fashioned soap box displayed in the local general store.  My all-natural soaps feel quite at home snuggled inside and ready to see the world.


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a not-so-sweater coat

I have long admired sweater coats by Katwise.  Her sweater coat tutorial (available on etsy) has gotten much wear and tear since I bought it over a year ago, but I haven’t yet created a coat with it.  So when we were hit with 3 intense blizzards last March, I decided to spend my snowed-in hours doing just that.  But that’s the thing with blizzards; you can’t just run to the local thrift shops and stock up on materials.  So instead, I busted into my ever-growing stash of denim (thanks to everyone who keep donating their old jeans).

The resulting coats caused many blisters, a few tears, and yes, even a few curse words as the filter on my front-loading washer clogged with tiny bits of blue jeans and flooded the laundry room.  It then proceeded to attempt arson from the lint trap in the dryer, but I was on it.  In the end, it must be admitted that this particular coat is dangerous.  But I absolutely love it.


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the happy planter

And old margarine container and its lid teamed up with a wee spider plant that had outgrown its little pot.  Together they got into the fabric stash and dressed themselves up in an old pair of jeans with the help of my trusty glue gun, found a sunny spot near a window, and nestled into a happy new life together.


This is a great spring project for kids old enough to use a glue gun; just choose some fabric, and start gluing it onto that old plastic container!  Be sure to leave the bottom free of fabric to avoid staining, and poke a few holes for drainage.  The lid makes a nice saucer to catch any runaway water.

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