flirty little skirt

A coquettish little skirt that bounced into happy, vibrant life from 2 old pairs of jeans and one pair of bubble gum pink pants of a similar weight.  She hasn’t stopped giggling since I sewed on her button.


Since we’re having so much fun, here are some directions you can use to make your own flirty little skirt:

2014_03_29Linking up with the Sew Darn Crafty linky party.


the Country Cousin Apron

This country gal’s apron is begging to cook up some blue ribbon recipes.  She reminds me of my grandma’s farm kitchen and the mysterious feasts of things like beets and garden greens she cooked up there, followed by a never ending supply of banana splits and more ice cream than a grandchild could ever eat alone (which was good, because us grandkids numbered in the double digits).

“Go ahead,” this wholesome apron promises, “Dig in and get good and messy, I’ll keep you safe.”

She stitched herself up from an old pair of jeans and some patchy pajama pants, (very) loosely based on this free pattern from Burda.